Spring 2016


Our first practice of spring and summer session is approaching soon.

Wednesday May 4 will be the first practice of the new session.

Summer schedule hours will change slightly

Wednesday will be from 7 to 9 pm and Sunday from 10-12 noon

No experience prior is required for new members, anyone can join from any age.

Fee’s are the same as before

$60 for students of Ryerson and $100 for non students.

You are welcome to try before paying. Please see the practice information for answers to questions

Ryerson Kendo Club

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Practice Q and A

This guide is to help new people be familiar with the club and help in addressing any questions.


Q. Do I need to buy equipment as a beginner?

A. No you do not. We have equipment to borrow. Which is the shinai (bamboo stick) Eventually as you progress we ask to get your own equipment. You do not need bogu (armor) to start.

Q. I am not a ryerson student anymore can I still join?

A. Yes you can the fee system is different it will be 100 per semester since you are not a ryerson student anymore. If you are a ryerson student it is 60

Q. I have issues coming to practice can I come to only one practice session?

A. That is fine. Everyone has different schedules.

Q.I need to leave 10 or 15 minutes early to catch my bus can I do that?

A. Practice time is for you. If you leave early you are not benefiting yourself. We ask you stay to the end and respect the dojo and sensei who have given their time for you. (Remember all instructors and sempai volunteer their time no one gets paid. So please respect that)

Q. Can I join midway in the session (a month or two later)?

A. No. Because you missed so much you cannot catch up. It will be VERY overwhelming

Q. Is there limited amount of seats to join?

A. No. If there is an issues in registering for the club speak to your sempai for further direction.

Q. I have health issues can you accommodate?

A. Yes. Everyone is different and has their own health so speak to the sempai and sensei as to how we can help you in your training.

Q. What time is practice?

A. Wednesday 8-10 pm and Sunday 10-12 noon.

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Fall 2015 Schedule

Our first practice for the new school year begins on September 16th 2015

Beginners are welcome to try out or visit the club. Beginners are accepted into the club for the month of September only we kindly ask if you miss taking lessons for kendo to please sign up during the next session in January.

No background skills or experience is necessary all backgrounds are welcome to drop by.

Our practice schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 8-10 pm

Sunday 10-12 noon ( practice time may go slightly over time on Sunday)

We have equipment ready for people wishing to try out before committing so there is no need to buy any equipment. If you wish to buy equipment go to CKT sports on Wellesley and Younge for equipment or you can purchase from the club.


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Spring/Summer 2015

Hello  everyone our new session starting May will begin Wednesday May 6, 2015

All beginners are welcome to come to this practice as this will be the first date for beginners. We do not accept any other beginners after the month of May. 

Location is the same Lower Kerr Hall West

Timing – Wednesday 7-9 pm

Sunday – 10 am -12 pm

Please be advised with the PAN AM games there will be disruptions and practice may have to be moved.


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Winter 2015

Hello everyone the first practice back will be Wednesday January 7th 2015. This practice is NOT for new beginners but regular members currently in the club.

We will be accepting beginners on the Sunday January the 11th as our first practice for new beginners.

Practice timing  and location stay the same

Wed 8-10 (Lower Gym Kerr Hall)

Sun 10-12 (Lower Gym Kerr Hall)

Fees stay the same 60 for Ryerson students and 100 for non-ryerson students.


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Fall 2014

Hello everyone our first practice for the fall semester will be on Sunday September 7, 2014 at 10 am to 12 pm.

For the beginners if you miss the first practice of the Fall session not to worry you can still attend the Wednesday class to learn what was missed.

As always a beginners are always welcomed to try out the club. We ask that new beginners please come within the first month of September. Afterwards we will not be accepting new beginners.

As always practice times have not changed and are:


Wednesday 8 pm – 10 pm

Sunday 10 am – 12 pm


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June 8th Practice

As a reminder June 8th there is no practice.



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Practice Dates!

Please be advised on the following:

On the following dates we will be practicing at the RAC (inside) due to a conflict:

Wed. Apr 30 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. May 14 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. May 21 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. May 28 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. June 4 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. June 11 – RAC II, 7-9pm
Wed. June 18 – RAC II, 7-9pm


On the following dates practice will be cancelled:

Sunday May 4 – LG rental, no Kendo Club activities

Sunday June 8 – Fall Convocation, no Kendo Club activities

Sunday Aug 24 – ONEcard/OSAP set-up, no Kendo Club activities

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Summer/Spring 2014

Practice will begin this May. Our timings change briefly :


The first practice for beginners will be held on Wednesday May 7th

Wednesday 7-9 pm

Sunday 10-12 pm

Beginners are welcome to try out. Unfortunately we only accept beginners for the first month of the new session (only May).

Before registering with the club we ask all beginners to try out one or two sessions of kendo before committing to practicing. That being said, we have equipment ready to use for beginners wanting to check out the club.

We do not accept beginners after the month of May, please join us for the next session.

If you have any questions please email us for info.


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Winter 2014- Practice Information

The Winter Session  is approaching:

Our schedule for practice is still the same

First Practice for previous members will begin on Jan 8th, 2014.

Sunday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (Lower Kerr Hall Gym)

Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm (Lower Gym) (please be advised there may be a 5-10 minute delay in setting up)

Our first day for BEGINNERS  is Wednesday January 15, 2014.


$60 for Students at Ryerson
$100 for people who are not a Ryerson student

All fees are to be paid at the RAC and fees are due at the end of September so this gives people time to try out the club before registering.

There is no tax on the membership.

Visitor fee is $10

NOTE: You do not need a RAC membership to get the membership for the Kendo Club. They will automatically program your card to allow you access to the RAC for practice.

If you have questions please email us, blog replies will not be responded back too.


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