Practice Information

This guide is to help new people be familiar with the club and help in addressing any questions.

Q. Do I need to buy equipment as a beginner?

A. No you do not. We have equipment to borrow. Which is the shinai (bamboo stick) Eventually as you progress we ask to get your own equipment. You do not need bogu (armor) to start.

Q. I am not a ryerson student anymore can I still join?

A. Yes you can the fee system is different it will be 120 per semester since you are not a ryerson student anymore. If you are a ryerson student it is $70. We also have a yearly option for to allow you to save money and time see the registration page for info.

Q. I have issues coming to practice can I come to only one practice session?

A. That is fine. Everyone has different schedules.

Q.I need to leave 10 or 15 minutes early to catch my bus can I do that?

A. Practice time is for you. If you leave early you are not benefiting yourself. We ask you stay to the end and respect the dojo and sensei who have given their time for you. (Remember all instructors and sempai volunteer their time no one gets paid. So please respect that) Otherwise please speak to us and we can accomodate

Q. Can I join midway in the session (a month or two later)?

A. Yes. HOWEVER please remember you will have to catch up on missed instruction we will be happy to guide you and transition you. And we will be happy to accommodate your fee as well.

Q. Is there limited amount of seats to join?

A. No. If there is an issues in registering for the club speak to your sempai for further direction.

Q. I have health issues can you accommodate?

A. Yes. Everyone is different and has their own health so speak to the sempai and sensei as to how we can help you in your training.

Q. What time is practice?

A. Wednesday 8-10 pm and Sunday 10-12 noon.

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